SiDCOR Partners with Tony Robbins

SiDCOR Chartered Accountants Partners with Tony Robbins

Managing Director and Founder of SiDCOR chartered accountants, Paul Siderovski, has been a member of the Tony Robbins Platinum program for four years, travelling the world to exotic locations with a select group of individuals including Robbins himself.

In discussions about life and business, both Paul and Tony found themselves aligned with the same objective; wanting to change the lives of business owners by helping them grow into their potential and make huge business breakthroughs.

They have come together with this common purpose to form the Global Accounting Advisors (GAA), an alliance of business strategists, tax experts and Power CFO's. This group provides much needed outsourced CFO services for small business owners around the world. Robbins has now expanded the GAA into 8 countries.

Paul and Tony both have a belief that mum and dads and business owners live their life and identity through their business, so if they can help them in business, help them build a better business, help them build a great business they will change their life. Businesses, after all, are the heart and soul and backbone of an economy. Help them and you get to change economies. The GAA was formed for this very reason.

See more at the Global Accounting Advisors. Or contact Paul Siderovski for more information on 1300 743 267.

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