Business Advisory

A good advisory service will help a client achieve their business goals. It’s as simple as that.

Virtual CFO

Many small businesses struggle to afford a full time CFO. This is where a virtual CFO is an excellent alternative and can make an overall difference to the success of a business.

SiDCOR has a team who are responsible for helping clients with business and commercial matters beyond tax and asset protection. These services are fundamental to how we help business owners achieve their goals, supporting them with issues such as cash flow, profitability and growth aspirations. We customise all Virtual CFO services based on individual needs and circumstances.

Business Valuations

Knowing the value of your business is critical particularly if you are looking to buy or sell, to make your business public, or even just to meet your tax obligations.

The team at SiDCOR work with clients from all industries to assist with their valuation needs, including forward planning around the company’s strategic goals and desired outcomes, and addressing the legal and commercial requirements in the process. We take into account the relevant sector, operational structure, and stakeholder expectations in order to prepare any documentation including Independent Experts Reports (IER).

Business Acquisitions

When looking to acquire any business it is crucial to gain an understanding of its true financial position and the extent to which it is performing operationally.

Our team at SiDCOR will help you ascertain whether this is the right business to achieve your overall objectives, and if so, help navigate the complexities involved in the purchase. These include evaluating the business structure, due diligence, managing tax liabilities and making sure all tax concessions are optimised, as well as reviewing all legal documentation.

Business Sales

Several factors that business owners may not be aware of can lead to sale prices being below expectation which aren’t apparent on a profit and loss or balance sheet.

Maximising a business’s sale value is a process that can start years earlier. Having a clear plan of what is required and time to work through it is essential. As is presenting a business in the best possible light to attract buyers and desired price. Our team can help you maximise the saleability and help future-proof your business.

Advisory Boards

An advisory board is a select group of people, independent from the business, who provide advice and support to the owners, directors or shareholders.

SiDCOR can help you establish, coordinate, and capture data from your board, to help you keep a finger on the ‘pulse’ by tracking areas such as profitability, cash flow, tax obligations, pricing, and spending. Understanding these core details of your business can help when business is booming as well as when things aren’t going to plan.

Finance Applications

Our team at SiDCOR can provide you with advice on applying for finance and help you with the application process.

We aim to achieve the best results for our clients by working closely with your financial broker or bank in all stages of the credit application process, particularly in the early stages where financial institutions are increasingly relying on experts to explain the business health and future prospects of an applicant.

What we do as Virtual CFOs?

We start with an initial review to get a high-level understanding of a client’s business model, the core challenges and opportunities. This process will include: Initial discussions with the client & their accountant to understand any specific needs or issues, review of relevant business planning materials to understand where the client wants to go, financial statement analysis of recent financial statements and management accounts to identify any changing trends or performance variance against benchmarks.

David Edmunds – Business Advisory Director

I like to think my job is helping clients find the best possible way to improve the performance of their business. How can we reallocate resources to get a better outcome? Why is cash flow slowing, and what can we do to change that? How could we reduce the business’s risk exposure? Working through these types of questions with clients and seeing the impact it has on their lives when answered is extremely rewarding. It makes it very easy for me to come to work each day.

Key offerings – Virtual CFO

Our experts will make sure they can help you find the perfect solution. The primary objective is to determine how we can best work with business owners to meet their needs and have the greatest impact on their business. Client budget and resources are always considered as part of this, and we work with clients to find a cost-effective suite of services. 

  1. Starting with an overall health check of your business, we look at your current processes and financial data for opportunities to improve your bottom line.
  2. We will develop a financial management package that will help monitor cash, targets, and KPIs and, most importantly, make sure your business is in a healthy financial position.
  3. We can develop a management reporting framework that presents future financial and non-financial reporting in a manner that best suits the business, incorporating KPI dashboards and periodic management reporting.
  4. We can migrate & implement the best practice business systems for clients.
  5. We can help maximise the business’s sale value should you choose to sell later down the track.

Need a second opinion?

We have found that many small to medium business owners are overpaying tax and aren’t structuring their business to be as profitable as they could be. At SiDCOR we offer a free review to make sure you are getting the best financial help possible. So how does it work?

  1. Free analysis

    You will receive an email from us outlining the information we need to complete the review. We will then review your tax returns and financial statements.

  2. Free review

    Our teams will ask you questions during the review process to verify and clarify any items as well as ascertain your business needs.

  3. Free evalutation

    Once the review is complete, we will present you our findings, namely: overpaid tax, changes to your structure, tax savings.

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At SiDCOR, we know there is a better way to do accounting. We understand that financial wellbeing and certainty is at the heart of any business and it impacts every area of our client’s lives. We believe there are six core components to running a successful business and, through our service offering, we are here to help you with any or all of these areas.