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At SiDCOR we know there is a better way to do accounting.

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About Us

Running your own business is hard enough. SiDCOR chartered accountants can help simplify your finances so you can enjoy more of what you love in life – whether that’s sinking holes on the green or spending more time with the people you love. Our passion is working with small to medium business owners because we’re as keen to grow your business as you are. We aim to first understand your business, so we can understand you.

We want our clients to enjoy the journey with us.

  1. Our what

    We are here to help you grow your business. Increasing the profitability, improving cash flow, ensuring assets are protected, becoming financially organised, creating wealth, and developing succession or retirements plans are all ways we can improve the quality of your life. We offer proactive advice, peace of mind and value for money.

  2. Our how

    We deliver the services each client needs dependent on where they are in their business life, personal life, and journey to create wealth. Everything we do, how we show up each day, how we live and how we service the client are all in line with our five core values. And we are very clear from the beginning in what you can expect from us and what our commitment is to you. We also offer our client’s packages to suit the size and shape of their business, so there are no surprise invoices or unexpected costs.

  3. Our why

    Our mission is to change people’s lives. We want to change the lives of small to medium business owners for the better. We have a belief that business owners live their life and identity through their business. If we can help them build a great business then we will change the quality of their life, one with more balance, more profit, more freedom.

  4. Change your life

    Once you get to know us, you’ll find we go above and beyond to understand who you are and how you can take your business to the next level;  whether it’s via accounting, tax or bookkeeping, or digging deeper with business advisory and coaching and helping you financially plan your retirement. When dealing with your financial future – you need more than just an accountant. You need a trusted advisor.

Our commitment

The way we help business owners grow into their potential is a three pronged process: Our SERVICES , our VALUES, and our OFFERING. Our offering is our commitment to you and outlines what you should expect from us and what we will endeavour to deliver.

  1. Every client has three people to look after them, meaning you consistently have three major points of contact.
  2. We provide you with assistance in day to day matters by phone and email at no extra charge.
  3. We return calls, emails & requests for information from you within one business day.
  4. We pay all penalties incurred by you in the unlikely event of an error being made by us.
  5. We provide a fixed price quote prior to the commencement of any work to provide certainty.
  6. We agree on a required time frame for the delivery of all work performed.

Our services

At SiDCOR, we know there is a better way to do accounting. We understand that financial wellbeing and certainty is at the heart of any business and it impacts every area of our client’s lives. We believe there are six core components to running a successful business and, through our service offering, we are here to help you with any or all of these areas.