Our culture fuels growth

At SiDCOR we understand that a strong growth culture improves performance. Not the other way round!

SiDCOR EOFY End of Financial Year Event

Join our team

Located in various locations including sunny Newcastle, SiDCOR’s HQ is only a couple of steps from the beach. We believe work should be more than just number crunching. It should be a space where you are supported and provided the opportunity to grow into your full potential. Do you want to work for a company that thinks outside the box?

Perks & positives

Our core values run through everything we do. It’s one thing to join a company that has stated values, and another to work for one who keeps everyone accountable to them. We recognise staff that have lived the values in a significant way, and reward them for the contribution they make to our business. Oh, and we also have a fully stocked kitchen, pay TV and lounge area, ping pong, air hockey, $1 vending machines, breakout spaces, the beach and a wide variety of cafes on your doorstep!


We believe in structure not hierarchy. Your position doesn’t determine your worth. Everyone is a leader and has the opportunity to contribute in their own authentic way.

A man snorkeling under water in the ocean surrounded by fish with a mountain landscape in the horizon.


Spaces to engage and connect have been created to help you thrive, including a communal kitchen, and tv/games space as well as a calendar of regular social events.

Young girl smiling with her hands up beside her looking up at the sky sitting in a feild of orange flowers


Everyone is looking for harmony between the different aspects of their life. We offer flexible hours including WFH, awesome events, travel, training, team building, and volunteering.

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We believe staff should be supported in growing into their potential, both personally and professionally. We conduct regular training that not only focuses on how we do things, but why we do it.

A girl in athletic wear jumping in the air at the top of a mountain range, down below is a stream of water in between mountains.


Working together we can make a huge difference in our community. From volunteering to fundraising you can contribute to the programs and events we support.