Family Advisory

Financial protection for your business, your wealth and your family.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is all about protecting your loved ones, and it is more than simply making a will.

As your trusted advisor, with support from our expert referral partners, we are perfectly placed to work with you in understanding your finances, your investments, and what you would like to happen to them once you’re gone and why. We will also make sure you are structured to minimise the tax consequences on your estate, and in doing so maximising the inheritance for the next generation.


We make sure we insure our cars and our homes, so why not our most valuable asset, ourselves!

Life or personal insurance may provide you and your family protection should you lose your job, are diagnosed with a life-changing illness, suffer serious injury, or if you pass away. Insurance can help provide financial support when it’s needed most.

Succession Planning

You’ve gone through the hard work and sacrifice of building a sustainable, enduring business – but how does it continue beyond you?

Our team will help you understand your present so we can plan for your future, determining what new leadership and structures may look like to provide continuity in the ways that matter to you – especially when family owned and operated.

Asset Protection & Structuring

Your business is not only one of your most treasured assets, but also one of the most valuable.

We review your personal circumstances and goals to ensure you are structured properly, to both protect your assets and maximise your wealth.

Philanthropy & Financial Legacy

When many people think about philanthropic legacy, they associate it with the ultra-rich – but this does not necessarily need to be the case.

We can help you plan your philanthropic endeavours through establishing charities or support in structuring your estate planning so you can make the mark you want to leave on the world.

Investment & Financial Reporting

The goal of reporting is to provide accurate and timely information about the financial position, performance and changes in your business and in your investments.

We manage what we measure, and with SiDCOR you can put all your financial information on one page through our consolidated reporting that captures your business income, personal cashflow, and how that contributes to your wealth creation and the achievement of your financial goals.

Scott Douglas – CEO & Managing Principal

With extensive experience in a variety of industries, Scott is perfectly suited to provide solutions needed to minimise tax and maximise wealth. He has dealt with all types of businesses from local entrepreneurs to national organisations and provides more than just tax advice as he concentrates on growth and cash flow strategies, and protection for your financial future. Scott’s experience in managing the SiDCOR Group also allows him to add valuable insight for client’s businesses, assisting with anything from reporting systems to staff engagement.

Key offerings

SiDCOR is committed to not only helping clients with their tax and accounting needs but also to future-proofing their financial life. This is critical at all stages, but especially for when it comes time to step back from the business or retire.

  1. Strategically and sensitively work with you, alongside our referral partner, to help structure your estate.
  2. Ensure that your assets are protected by providing access to the necessary insurances.
  3. Ensure you have a sound exit strategy for your business regardless of whether you will eventually sell or are planning your succession.
  4. Assist you to realise your philanthropical desires and long term financial legacy whilst helping maximise the tax benefits in the process.

Need a second opinion?

We have found that many small to medium business owners are overpaying tax and aren’t structuring their business to be as profitable as they could be. At SiDCOR we offer a free review to make sure you are getting the best financial help possible. So how does it work?

  1. Free analysis

    You will receive an email from us outlining the information we need to complete the review. We will then review your tax returns and financial statements.

  2. Free review

    Our teams will ask you questions during the review process to verify and clarify any items as well as ascertain your business needs.

  3. Free evalutation

    Once the review is complete, we will present you our findings, namely: overpaid tax, changes to your structure, tax savings.

Get in touch today. We will change your life!

We also offer

At SiDCOR, we know there is a better way to do accounting. We understand that financial wellbeing and certainty is at the heart of any business and it impacts every area of our client’s lives. We believe there are six core components to running a successful business and, through our service offering, we are here to help you with any or all of these areas.