3 Innovative Ways to Market Your Business

Business Advice

Marketing your business can seem overwhelming when it isn’t your speciality, but there are plenty of accessible, and inexpensive, avenues you can go down to promote your product or service including video, podcasts and Google Reviews.

1. Reach More People With Video

While video marketing isn’t new, creating videos is now a lot easier with advancing technology, which is great since this form of marketing also tends to reach more people on social media platforms.

You can now easily record footage on your smartphone – or invest in a camera, with a good quality one setting you back a few hundred dollars – and edit it using speciality apps created for amateurs. These editing apps are great for putting together short, social media posts, and are very easy to use. For longer promotional videos that you plan to share in multiple places, consider investing in a professional.

We also recommend attaching captions to the video where appropriate, since a lot of people can’t watch with the sound on.

2. Grow Your Business With Podcasts

We know it sounds like an expensive project, but there are many ways to create a podcast for free. A podcast is simply a piece of audio uploaded for others to download to their digital device.

You can easily record your ideas using your smartphone and then download an audio editing app to ensure smooth sound. If you do want to invest a few dollars, opt for a good quality microphone and editing software, which you can find doing a quick online search.

There are plenty of podcast platforms you can then upload your recording to, including the free site Soundcloud. All you have to do is create a profile and upload your audio file. You can then embed it on your website and share it on social media.

3. Spend Some Time On Google Reviews

The third and final way to market your business in the digital age is via Google Reviews. A lot of people now Google places to eat, where to get their hair done, who can help renovate the house and more. That’s why you should spend some time setting up a page for your business – it’s simple, just head to Google Business and follow the prompts, ensuring you verify your page via postcard or phone so you can use it properly.

Next, ask your customers to leave a review on Google. While you may get (or already have) some negative reviews, don’t be disheartened as it’s expected for all businesses. For customers you know that have had a good experience, ask them to jump online and review it as many people are quick to type up a bad review over a good one.

Finally, respond to Google Reviews to acknowledge that you’re aware of what they’re writing – especially negative reviews. It can look bad if you only reply to the positive reviews as it leaves those reading it without your perspective and gives them the impression you don’t care what customers have to say. Acknowledge the feedback in your response, recognise any problems and offer an apology is necessary.