Wealth Advisory

Good financial advice helps you define your goals and take control of your future.

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Asset Allocation

One of the key aspects of whether you reach your financial goal is how you allocate your assets.

We take a high-level look at your overall asset position as well as your stage in life, and work closely with you to get the right mix to maximise your wealth.

Personal Budgeting

Personal budgeting helps provide structure to your spending through aligning it to your overall lifestyle and financial goals.

Our team can help put a plan in place for you using our readymade template “SiDCOR Money.”

Wealth Creation

Helping you to determine where you want to go, will help you determine the right investment strategy & structures for you to reach your wealth creation goals.

We will work with you on the plans, processes and investments you need to make to reach your financial and lifestyle goals.

Managing Your Investments

Once we know where you want to go and how you are going to get there, we can support you with the practical application of that plan through our connections with experts in the field of investing.

Whether it be direct equities, managed funds, bonds, real estate or cryptocurrency, we can help you find the right investments for your risk profile to reach your goals.

Property Strategy & Consulting

Property is one asset class that is a significant part of many of our client’s wealth, whether it be the family home, investment properties, or their commercial premises.

At SiDCOR, we are experts in all thing’s property, and in addition to covering off on your taxation obligations, we can offer strategic property advice to grow your portfolio to support your wealth and lifestyle needs.

Retirement & Super Planning

Thinking about your retirement shouldn’t start at your work farewell, as early planning can make a big difference to your retirement outcome.

Meeting the income requirements of your retirement is the key to freedom, giving you the opportunity to do the things you want whether that is to travel, socialise, or simply enjoy the life you want.

Phil Smith – SiDCOR Wealth Advisors

Phil started Hunter Financial in 2004 with the view of providing holistic strategic advice to individuals and families.

Our business purpose is to lead our clients through a continuous process of decision-making that assists financial growth, fulfilment and the achievement of the lifestyle they wish to secure. My role as a financial adviser is to help you make the right decisions about money – to take you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. 

Key offerings

We are here to assist you make the right decisions about your money. Our aim is to help you enjoy the future with the life you desire.

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Taxation, accounting and all other non-financial planning services listed do not fall under the Count Financial Limited AFSL.

  1. We map out your asset position and allocate them into our “4 buckets.”
  2. We determine where you cash is going and how best to direct it to where it is needed.
  3. Through SiDCOR Wealth Advisors we help you plan where you want to go financially, and how you are going to get there.
  4. We have experts in the fields of investing and property that will support you reaching those goals.
  5. We will consider how to best utilise superannuation and to maximise your retirement.

Need a second opinion?

We have found that many small to medium business owners are overpaying tax and aren’t structuring their business to be as profitable as they could be. At SiDCOR we offer a free review to make sure you are getting the best financial help possible. So how does it work?

  1. Free analysis

    You will receive an email from us outlining the information we need to complete the review. We will then review your tax returns and financial statements.

  2. Free review

    Our teams will ask you questions during the review process to verify and clarify any items as well as ascertain your business needs.

  3. Free evalutation

    Once the review is complete, we will present you our findings, namely: overpaid tax, changes to your structure, tax savings.

Get in touch today. We will change your life!

We also offer

At SiDCOR, we know there is a better way to do accounting. We understand that financial wellbeing and certainty is at the heart of any business and it impacts every area of our client’s lives. We believe there are six core components to running a successful business and, through our service offering, we are here to help you with any or all of these areas.