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We are quite a mixed bunch at SiDCOR; a family made up of accountants, tax and financial specialists, strategic business advisors, creative thinkers, professional administrators and workplace culture experts – it takes a broad range of skills and expertise to make sure we provide and deliver the best solutions for our clients.

Sharon Douglas

Sales and Marketing Director
WORK Brave and big-hearted
PLAY Living in the moment with sun, sea, love and champagne

Tory Rollings

People and Culture Manager
WORK Supportive, professional, authentic, like to get things done
PLAY Family, good food, hockey, with lots of travel thrown in for good measure

Tasha Rossiter

Practice Manager
WORK Enthusiastic, energetic, hard-working, loyal
PLAY Give everything my best shot, have a super competitive streak

Kandice Ward

Finance Manager
WORK Energetic & Hardworking
PLAY Early mornings; challenging training sessions with my partner; aquaphile (enthusiast of all things related to the water)

Kristina Doncovski

EA to Paul Siderovski
WORK Charismatic, fun-loving, helpful
PLAY Fashion addict

Emily Zaarour

EA to Scott Douglas
WORK Hard working, organised, professional juggler
PLAY Creating memories & living life to the fullest

Brooke Prater

Sales and Marketing Coordinator
WORK Hardworking, fun-loving and supportive
PLAY I’m a Pizzaterian


We believe that staff should be supported in growing into their potential, both personally and professionally. We conduct monthly training that not only focuses on how we do things, but why we do it. We recognise staff that have lived the values in a significant way, and reward them for the contribution they make to our business.


SiDCOR is more than a business – it is a family. And families don’t just work together, they play together too. We get together regularly for dinner or drinks, games or sports at lunchtime, and always celebrate the important occasions. We also believe it is important to ‘give back,’ and contribute as a team to various charities and their key events.