Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Do you want to go further faster?

The foundations of Business Coaching

  1. Finding your why

    Clearly define the business and the life you want to create and why. Understanding your purpose and the ‘why’ of your business is critical to how you communicate and operate both internally and to your customers. Articulating how you add value to people’s lives helps differentiate you from other businesses giving you a competitive edge.

  2. Accountability

    Someone to ensure you are focusing on the key big rocks and actually completing them. Being held accountable is often the single biggest driver of business growth and success. With the right structure and support, owners can overcome uncertainty, staying focused on results and achieving real outcomes.

  3. Sounding board

    Most business owners do not have access to a sounding board to bounce ideas off nor do they have access to people who can give them advice around their issues. It is imperative to have someone you trust, who understands you and your vision, and can help you to make better decisions.

  4. Direction

    Often it is difficult for small business owners to understand the direction in which their business should go. There are many challenges to navigate. We not only help keep your business on track but offer new ideas and a wealth of knowledge to ensure it develops, grows and succeeds.

  5. Strategic Planning

    A good coach will help you to look beyond the ‘internal noise’ of your business. When you are bogged down in the daily grind it is difficult to see your business objectively and focus on key areas for improvement. Developing core business strategies are critical to your growth and success.

  6. Leadership

    Develop the strategies and habits to successfully lead others and facilitate your own personal growth. Strengthening your leadership skills will improve effectiveness within the business, as well as enhance mindset, increase motivation and self-awareness, grow stronger communication skills, and build resilience, all contributing to better team performance and company culture.

In Your Corner

As the founder of SiDCOR and its Business Strategy and Coaching Specialist, Paul has over a decade of experience in coaching. Strategy, coaching and mentoring is not something you learn from a book, it is gained through experience. Paul is an entrepreneur, wealth expert, and specialist in business building and achieving profitable, sustainable growth. As a professional speaker, both nationally and internationally, he is resolutely committed to changing people’s lives forever.

Key offerings

Do you get stuck, confused and uncertain about which decisions need to be made or what direction to take in your business? Do you need support in making those big decisions? Do you want to move from being a business operator to a business owner? Do you need strategic coaching that can drive your business further faster?

  1. Half day intensive personal coaching and strategy session to set context personally and for the business.
  2. Focused 360-degree coaching aimed at reaching outcomes set above.
  3. Two monthly meetings directly following the half-day session.
  4. Quarterly structured meetings.
  5. Unlimited calls.
  6. Special meetings/zoom calls as needed to deal with any issues arising.

We take a holistic approach to coaching, focusing on the seven key areas of your business. We use our SUPER7 to deliver the services that each individual needs depending on where they are in their business life, personal life and journey to creating wealth.

Super7 — Protect

Protection falls under four categories:
Business and personal asset protection –  the right structure for your business, your investments, and personal assets etc.
Shareholder agreements and buy sell agreements.
Life, trauma and income protection.
Estate planning – protection of your assets as well as your loved ones when you are gone.

We also offer

At SiDCOR, we know there is a better way to do accounting. We understand that financial wellbeing and certainty is at the heart of any business and it impacts every area of our client’s lives. We believe there are six core components to running a successful business and, through our service offering, we are here to help you with any or all of these areas.