Eat Like a Lion in the Jungle of Money

Eat Like a Lion in the Jungle of Money: Part Three Money Series

Welcome to Part 3 of my series on Money! Money! Money!

You are now well on your way to mastering the game called money. After reading Parts 1 and 2 you have the foundations to actually create wealth going forward.

Here are the links to the series so far if you have been TOO BUSY to read about mastering the game of money (Part 1 & Part 2). You must already have too much money or don’t value your time and life enough (raw and real). Here are your key learnings so far:


  1. 95% of investors lose money from investing.
  2. Money is not the goal….the places money can take us, the time and freedom and opportunity money can bring is what we are really after.
  3. We all have a belief or story about money…is it abundance (there is plenty of money) or scarcity (there is never enough).
  4. We all adopt a growth or a cash flow strategy in investing with more bias to one.
  5. You need to understand your net worth to progress and grow.


  1.  We all have different appetites for risk and are at different stages in our life with different investment requirements and experience.
  2. The number one asset you have is your business.
  3. You know the difference between a real business owner and a business operator….the BUS test! 90% of us are business operators.
  4. You understand what a business operator is and have chosen to continue as an operator or build a real business.
  5. There are 4 things you need to develop to build a real business: Commercial vision for your business for the next 2-3 years, a core set of values (expectations & rules of how to act & be), a defined career path for the team, open communication with the context of trust, love & responsibility.
  6. You understand that your business and your investments are separate with higher risk in your business
  7. You know how much profit you ACTUALLY make in your business.
  8. You know how much life costs you to live – TODAY.



Sound familiar to Part 2? Well this time it is even more important.

If you truly don’t know these numbers or taken the time to find out then don’t read on (raw and real). You are someone who wants the STRATEGY…the ‘tell me what to do to make money’! You will never win. You will always lose.

It is your STATE and STORY that govern how much wealth you will create. Let me explain using an example. How many weight loss programs are there? Millions! How many people are still considered obese? Millions. Right? Is it a lack of strategy? Absolutely not. It is their STORY (blueprint, belief system and, to some extent, their impatience) and their STATE (making decisions on the hop). I have been there, done that. It is the whole reason I am writing this six-part series. It is not because I am bored and want to fill time. This is real and if you follow my investment blueprint you will preserve the wealth you have today and the future wealth you will create.

So let’s get into it…and back to my rules for mastering the game of money.


This Rule is the most important and I will cover it in depth in Part 4. For now, I want to cover off in this part, the price of your dreams (how to make the game winnable) and how to accelerate your wealth creation strategy. In other words, speed things up!

So what is the price of your dreams? How much money will you need to be financially secure, independent or FREE…take a guess? $1m, $5m, $50m? Take a minute right now, go with your gut and write down the number…putting it in writing actually anchors the thought and makes it real.

I bet the number is big. My experience tells me that if you are like most people the number feels a bit large to you right now. How the hell am I going to achieve this? I will show you it is NOT just one number. I want you to break down your dreams into a monthly amount.

For example, a Ferrari does not cost $600,000. It costs approximately $8,900 per month. A home costing $3 million is $9,500 per month etc. 

If you map out your dreams, what your ‘wow’ lifestyle looks like, and then break it down into the MONTHLY amount of income you need to fund this lifestyle, you will surprise yourself more than you think. That sinking and sickening feeling you had when you came up with your number before, can be thrown away.

I did this exercise for myself and worked out what the monthly cost of my ‘wow’ life is, and surprisingly it is only 24 months away when based on 3 critical things:

  • The plan I have put in place
  • Sacrifice
  • My asset allocation

The biggest mistake that so many people make is they think they need to make all this money before they can enjoy life. They will work and work to get to it, only to realise that life has passed them by. When they finally have the goal amount, life is actually lonely or they don’t know how to spend it as there was so much sacrificing along the way.

Balance is the key. In Greek it is known as METRION…a word often used by my grandfather. You must have this BALANCE. Too much of anything is no good. Too much sacrifice, too much spending, too much of ANYTHING. I instill this in my children every opportunity I get and to anyone else who will listen.

So I just gave you another piece of the 3 critical things to get to my monthly cash flow number. My plan, some sacrifice and asset allocation.

What is your plan?

What is the plan for you and your family that is absolutely attainable and within your reach? Get your dreams down on paper, get them on a vision board, work out the monthly number you need to achieve that dream and then get your asset allocation right!

You have to do some work here. I can help you but you need to want to do this. It is your life and this can be life changing!

Most people over estimate what they can do in a year, and they massively underestimate what they can accomplish in a decade or two. This is the key. Start thinking of your goals over the next two decades and then start today and step it up. Use the SiDCOR Smart Money Guide to set this plan. COME ON!!!! Break it up into short, medium and long term. What time period is short, medium or long? This depends on you, where you are in your life, your risk profile etc. Make sense?

So, after you have calculated your dreams, your income coming in and an average return on your investments (whether it be 5%, 7%, 10% or more), how do we speed up this process so it does not take as long? How do we speed up your timeframe?

The goal of this next section is to get you thinking about how to make your financial dreams come true faster than you ever thought possible. In ‘Money, Mastering the Game’, Robbins says: “Dream big. Make it happen. And then speed it up.  Have you ever had a crazy busy day, worked your tail off, raced against the clock, and then, against all odds, finished early? That extra hour or two of life that you reclaim is an absolute gift- a bonus that makes you feel like the world is on your side. You hit the gym and go for a run, head out for cocktails with friends, or race home to tuck the little ones into bed. I travel like mad; I’m in different countries, on different continents, crossing time zones and flying around the world like the business equivalent of a Harlem Globetrotter.  If I arrive somewhere early, if I’ve got an extra window in my week to refocus my energies or spend time with my wife or my family, I’m energized and excited. I just found some extra time!

What if that extra time could last more than just an hour or two? What if you could find not just an extra hour in your day, but financially, find two years of savings in your life? Or five years? Maybe even a decade of life where you have the freedom of not having to work to support your lifestyle?”

These are great questions that really make you think! Here are my three KEY strategies to speed the process up:


Save more and invest the difference.

Cut waste. I HATE waste with a passion. We all have it and you and your partner need to agree on this saving and what you will sacrifice. It is not forever!!

In order to save more and earn more…sacrifice is CRITICAL and has to be party of your vocabulary.


Earn more and invest the difference.

How is your business doing? No matter what you answer it can be better. You need to work on your business for this one and this is where 95% of your energy should go.

My whole WHY for SiDCOR is to help my clients (small to medium business owners) focus on their business and investments, areas that take up head space and cause stress, to give them returns that will help them meet their financial dreams and goals; ie. their monthly cash flow amount that they have determined from business + investments.


Get better returns.

What are the returns on your money that you are investing? No matter what they are they can be better. I personally won’t touch an investment unless I can make 15% or more. That is just me...and this is with little risk as possible! Yes, you heard right.

Only this week I found an investment that will return me 18% per year with no energy or effort. I am testing this to then provide clients the opportunity. Exciting!

Well, if you’re not overloaded by now after reading Part 3 then either you know everything there is to know, you are already ahead of the game or you are so scared by wealth creation and preservation that you have shut down.


Happy reading!‚Äč

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