5 Key Learnings from Tony Robbins to Transform Your Life

5 Key Learnings from Tony Robbins to Transform Your Life

Each year, SiDCOR gives it’s staff an opportunity to attend the Tony Robbins event Unleash the Power Within (UPW). Across the four-day program, Robbins shared his vast knowledge and experience to help nine of us (and 6,000 others) change our lives.

SiDCOR Team photo at UPW

Tony Robbins, the man with the know-how, shook us out of our comfort zones and got us to jump (physically and mentally) into a new mindset, empowering us to become the best version of ourselves. In amongst all the high fiving, dancing, hugging, and fire walking, these were five key points I learnt:

  1. Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows – Say goodbye to wishing, hoping and dreaming, and start acting! I have a new-found love for realigning my focus to ensure I achieve my short and long-term goals in whatever I do.
  2. Your Physical State – This is more than just how puffed you get climbing a steep staircase. The ability to change your physiology when you’re in a bad mind frame can provide new energy and in turn allow you to make the most of your time. As Tony Robbins says, “motion creates emotion.”
  3. Fear is in All of Us – But we should dance with it and use it, rather than run away from it. Coming from a Firewalker, facing my fears has become a new thrill and ignites happiness in me instead of anxiety.
  4. Be Decisive, Commit to Your Decision, Resolve it – Do what you say you will do and do it extraordinarily. Play all out!
  5. If You are not GROWING, You are DYING – When mistakes are made, they are not a sign of failure, but are an opportunity to learn. Take them with gratitude, not regret.

All in all, it was an amazing experience that helped me break through my self-imagined limitations and reach my potential by pushing my boundaries and even shedding some calories along the way!

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