Work at SiDCOR

Opportunities to grow

Our core values run through everything we do. It’s one thing to join an organisation that has stated values, and another to work for one who keeps everyone accountable to them. We recognise staff that have lived the values in a significant way, and reward them for the contribution they make to our business.

We believe that staff should be supported in growing into their potential, both personally and professionally. We conduct monthly training that not only focuses on how we do things, but why we do it. We provide frameworks for how staff show up each day, and opportunities to attend events such as Tony Robbins live.

We have amazing clients, that like us, want to grow into their potential. Staff at all levels have opportunity to work with a diverse range of industry, and are not stuck behind a keyboard but are fully engaged in their clients business.

At SiDCOR, you don’t have to be an owner to feel like one. All our staff know how much they are valued and how much they contribute to our amazing business. We believe in structure not hierarchy. Your position doesn’t determine your worth. Everyone is a leader and has the opportunity to contribute in their own authentic way.

We believe in radical honesty to ensure everyone in the business is clear on our vision and where they fit into it. We keep things simple and operate in the context of adding massive value to the lives of our clients and our staff.

Working at SiDCOR brings with it a commitment to grow & learn every day, and when you are surrounded by staff and supporting clients who both want the same, it’s incredibly rewarding to be a part of.

- Matt

SiDCOR gives you the opportunity and tools to go as far as you want to, both professionally and personally. Plus, we truly do change people’s lives, we just happen to do it through accounting.

- Stuart

At SiDCOR, I have been provided with the opportunity to develop my professional strengths continuously as I am encouraged to think outside the box, work independently and push my boundaries.

- Rachel

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