Our 'Why' at Sidcor

Our mission is to change people’s lives. We do this by helping our staff and clients GROW INTO THEIR POTENTIAL.

We want to change the lives of small to medium business owners for the better. We have a belief that mums and dads and business owners live their life and identity through their business. If we can help them build a great business then we will change the quality of their life, one with more balance, more profit, more freedom. This is what excites us and what gets us out of bed in the morning. We get to change lives in a massive way for people through their business.

Small to medium business owners are the heart and soul, backbone and life blood of an economy yet the most stressed, least supported and least rewarded. Business is fraught with danger, pitfalls and many opportunities for mistakes to be made. We work proactively with our clients to save them making these mistakes and help them deal with the errors when they make them. After all, it is business and the only constant in business is change and with that comes trial and error or should I say trial and learnings.

Read more about SiDCOR's WHY, HOW, WHAT here.

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