Our Values

Our mission is to change people’s lives. We do this by helping our staff and clients grow into their potential. We believe that if we can help small to medium business owners build real, better and great businesses that it will allow them to live a better life, one with balance and freedom.

SiDCOR are tax experts, business strategists and proactive accountants. We are small to medium business specialists who work with clients that cross a number of industries and businesses. What is common amongst all our clients is that:

They want to grow
They want better for themselves and their business 
They are entrepreneurs who want to create wealth

Our typical clients are mums, dads and entrepreneurs that own SME’s, have family and want to grow and create a better life. There is nothing traditional about SIDCOR especially when compared to other firms. We are the disruption to the norm and the change business owners need and want.

We immerse ourselves in our clients lives to change their lives forever. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

We are located in Newcastle however our extensive client base covers both Australia and overseas. After all, you don’t choose an accountant based on location. You choose an accountant and advisor based on their skill and capability. Now one of the country’s leading accountancy firms, we employ more than 90 staff who share the same committed vision of financial and business growth.

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Heart and Soul

Love the client. Love what you do. Treat it like your own.

Raw and Real

Tell it as it is. Tell your truth. Do what is right and fair.







Back Yourself and Each Other

Respect, consider and support others. Have each others back. Be passionate and believe in yourself and what you do.

Push the Boundaries

Innovate. Work smarter, think outside the square. Do whatever it takes. Go above and beyond.

Do What We Say We Will Do

Deliver what you promise. Your word is your bond. Take responsibility for your choices and the outcome.

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