The Key to Workplace Culture

How many people in your company can articulate why your company exists beyond making money?

Leadership speaker, Heath Slawner, explains that sharing a common goal, or a clear ‘why’, is key to a strong workplace culture. You can watch him below.

So how do you set a clear purpose so that others can also explain why your company exists? Simon Sinek started a movement in 2009 to motivate business owners and employees via his book, Start with Why. 

Sinek explains that your WHY Statement should be:

  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to put into motion
  • Shows how you’ll contribute to others
  • Expressed in a positive language that you relate to 

Simon uses a simple format to encourage other's to draft their WHY Statement:

TO _____ SO THAT ____.

Simon recommends filling the first blank with your contribution, aka how you impact others, and the second with the impact of your contribution. By creating a common goal, you'll create an environment where everyone feels positive at work - and we all know the benefits of happy employees.

If you want more information on articulating your why, watch SiDCOR, Managing Director, Paul Siderovski talk about his WHY here.

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