The way we help small to medium business owners grow into their potential is a three pronged process: our SUPER7, our VALUES, and our OFFERING.


We use the SUPER7 to deliver the services each client needs dependent on where they are in their business life, personal life and journey to create wealth.


Everything we do, how we show up each day, how we live and how we service the client are all in line with our five core values. This is what differentiates us to any other accounting firm in Australia and the world and a major reason for winning the 'Third Best Place to Work in Australia' in the BRW Awards.


Our offering outlines what to expect from us and what our commitment is to you.

  • Every client has three people look after them. Strategy is provided by SiDCOR’s Managing Director. Client delivery of all services is coordinated by a Client Director and you have an accountant assigned to you (all qualified). You consistently have three major points of contact.
  • We provide you with assistance in day to day matters by phone and email at no extra charge.
  • We return calls, emails & requests for information from you within one business day.
  • We pay all penalties incurred by you in the unlikely event of an error being made by us. 
  • We provide a fixed price quote prior to the commencement of any work to provide certainty.
  • We agree on a required time frame for the delivery of all work performed.

Read more about SiDCOR's WHY, HOW, WHAT here

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