The Benefits of a Wellness Program

Think corporate wellness isn’t important? Think again. Contributing to the health of your employees has proven benefits, including team bonding, a reduction in sick days, and boosting staff morale.

That’s why SiDCOR chartered accountants has launched a wellness program to see just how well it can work for a business.

What does a wellness program involve?

Wellness programs aren’t just the latest trend to attract recruits. They’re here to stay and offer a wide range of benefits to maintain and improve employee’s health and overall wellbeing. These are implemented across the business and can be optional. They can start small, like providing healthy lunches and snacks, or large, with health screenings, on-site gym services, and yoga classes to list a few.

Benefits of a corporate wellness program

We all know the disadvantages of sitting at a desk all day and why it’s important to get moving when we can. So it makes sense that wellness programs integrated at work offer a multitude of benefits. But what exactly are these?

Studies have reported that the following are the most common benefits found:

  • Reduced sick days and in turn company health costs
  • Higher engagement
  • Improved productivity and employment satisfaction
  • Improved company culture and in turn a higher retention rate

SiDCOR wanted to see the benefits in action, so we launched our own wellness program, CORhealth. Check out the results below.

SiDCOR’s wellness program

CORhealth originated from our wonderful team members, Tasha Rossiter, Elyse Grey, and Leanne Jervis who wanted to make a positive change at SiDCOR.

Running for eight weeks, the SiDCOR team have the option to join in to unlock their potential through health, mindfulness and fitness. The program features weekly nutrition, fitness and mindfulness checklists, including:

  • 3 x 30-minute exercise sessions per week
  • 3 x 10-minute meditation or journaling per week
  • 2L+ water per day
  • 2 serves of fruit per day
  • 5 serves of veggies per day
  • 7+ hours of sleep per night

The program featured a healthy launch breakfast and recipe ideas for staff to take home. It also offers a weekly boot camp run by a qualified personal trainer, an online support group, nutrition consultations, yoga sessions, and a CORhealth Wellness Program Booklet for members to stay on track and maintain goals.

While initially launched at our SiDCOR Newcastle office, the program will roll out to our other offices in Queensland, including Port Douglas, Gold Coast, Mossman and Cairns in the coming months.

Although we’re in the middle of the eight-week challenge, we’re already seeing numerous benefits including an increased awareness of our health and the way we approach exercising, as well as team bonding and higher engagement levels in the workplace.