Super Teams Tackle our Super 7

Super Teams Tackle our Super 7

Rapping, cartoons, comedy: Another day at the SiDCOR office… Investing in our people is one of the most important elements of our culture.  This might be through holding events where people can learn new skills, stepping outside their comfort zone or simply providing the opportunity for people to connect.  Part of this development includes growing valuable skill sets around leadership, as well as our accounting service offerings. How do we put these two very important aspects of the business together in one training block? We had an idea.  What if we got the employees to teach each other about the different service offerings SiDCOR provides?

Over the past month, the SiDCOR team have collaborated in groups to present our Super 7.  As the majority of the work produced in an accounting space may not be classed as traditionally creative, collaborative or connected, we thought it would be a great opportunity for our people to spend time together, have some fun and learn a little along the way.

If you are not familiar with our service offering, in a nutshell we have seven elements that we look after for our clients – Tax, Protection, Cashflow, Profits, Growth, Wealth and Exit.  Whilst the majority of accounting firms focus on the first two elements, at SiDCOR, we pride ourselves on delivering a more holistic approach to our client’s financial health.  Each service offering had a dedicated team, tasked with producing a five minute presentation to the business on the WHY, HOW and WHAT of their allocated element of the Super 7.  There were no restrictions on the format, only that we had to be able to use the content for all new employee onboarded in the future.

The journey to the end product for many was challenging, it asked people to step outside their comfort zones. Everyone learnt a lot; not only about ways we can support our clients, but also expanding and  developing our own skill sets in each situation. There was much to learn from each other.

What can I say – the results were astounding!  We had SiDCOR’s own ‘David Attenborough’ watch as shareholder agreements and disputes were taking place, to Snow White making custom made pies to ensure wealth creation was tailored specifically to a client.  We even had our very own rendition of Vanilla Ice’s ‘Tax Tax Baby’.

Each team truly embodied our values and really ‘backed themselves and each other’ and ‘pushed the boundaries’ to deliver outstanding training content to educate new employees joining the team.  It also provided the opportunity for people to collaborate from different teams and to bring out a creative side they may not have known they had.  Paul even came into his own with a cameo appearance as Vanilla Ice!