Liz, Saying Goodbye Hasn’t Been Easy

Liz, Saying Goodbye Hasn’t Been Easy

SiDCOR recently lost one of its most-loved family members, Liz Goodwin. Liz passed away peacefully surrounded by her family a few weeks ago following a battle with cancer.

Starting in our office more than seven years ago, Liz has always been an integral part of the SiDCOR fabric. She played a huge role in us becoming who we are today, and will always be part of who we are in the future. She was an open, honest, generous and inspiring young woman who was much loved and will be truly missed.

Liz was voted the Young Achiever of the year at the local Bean Counters event in 2013, for not only her advocacy for the accounting profession, her amazing leadership in our business, but also for her significant contribution to community through the formation of the ‘Bowel of the Ball’. She turned her own struggles with Crohn’s disease into a triumph, raising awareness and much needed funds for those who suffer from bowel disease and getting support for their carers. Her unguarded and selfless approach about her own experience with this disease was a true inspiration for those who shared those struggles. I can attest to this first hand as I was someone who also experienced Crohn’s disease. Liz made it OK for me to discuss something that, until I met her, I rarely did. And although I had physically been symptom free for many years, she allowed me to truly heal. I may be the CEO of this business, but Liz was one of its true leaders.

Liz wasn’t dealt the easiest hand, but she lived a big life, had an impact on many, and was a true inspiration for those that were blessed enough to have shared some of her journey.

SiDCOR is a better place for the contribution that Liz made, and we will continue to try and live up to the standard she set in how we lead and love into the future.