Wealth Creation

Did you know 95% of investors lose money from investing? At SiDCOR, we help clients with the most important investment decision: asset allocation.

We allocate our wealth into four buckets
(see below):


We map out our clients' assets into the four buckets and then work closely with them to get it right.

Our aim is to help our clients invest easily with the automation so they can focus on their number one asset, their business. Read Paul’s series on Money here.

Security Bucket

Low-risk investments and certainty in your life. This bucket is the slow but steady contender. This is where you keep the part of your wealth you can’t afford to lose.

Growth Bucket

This is the 10 year+ bucket. You are investing in growth assets. Examples include residential rental properties, land, banking, equities, commodities, collectables, currencies, etc.

Cashflow Bucket

This is an important bucket -- as cashflow is the lifeblood of every business. Things in this bucket include your actual business and business interests, commercial properties, developments, share trading, etc.

Lifestyle Bucket

This bucket relates to things that enhance your lifestyle. This does not mean they can’t be an investment as well. You also need to have enjoyment in life from what you are actually doing.

Services at SiDCOR under WEALTH creation:

Asset allocation

Goal setting and life strategy

Personal budgets

With the help of our referral partners we can also offer these services:

Property Strategy and Consulting (residential, commercial, land developments, off plan purchases)



Everyone should know how much it costs them to live. Ask our staff for the SiDCOR Smart Money Guide which will help you to work out what life costs you currently. It is a very powerful tool which will really help you set both short and long-term goals in your journey to wealth creation.


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