VIDEO: Every Business Should Know Their How

Every Business Should Know Their How

In our last video we talked about starting with ‘Why’. Every business should know ‘why’ they do what they do – that includes understanding their core purpose and having an overarching commercial vision.

The next step is to consider the ‘How’. How are you going to realise THE WHY and COMMERCIAL VISION for your business?

At SiDCOR we realise our WHY by helping small to medium business owners using a three pronged process: our Super7, our Values, and our Offering.


We use the Super 7 to deliver the services each client needs dependent on where they are in their business life, personal life and journey to creating wealth.


Everything we do, how we show up each day, how we live and how we service the client are all in line with our five core values. This is what differentiates us to any other accounting firm in Australia and the world and a major reason for winning the ‘Third Best Place to Work in Australia’ (BRW Awards) and Best Accounting Business to Work in (Accounting Business Awards).


Our offering outlines what to expect from us and what our commitment is to you. This is a commitment that we take very seriously as both our clients and staff are at the very heart of the business.

Have you considered the ‘HOW’ of your business? Have you articulated the services that will help your customers/clients grow? Have you established a set of core values in your business? And most of all, are you clear on what you are offering and are you committed to it?

If you aren’t sure HOW – ask us.

Watch the video here.