Not Every Melbourne Cup Day Has a Bearded Lady

Not Every Melbourne Cup Day has a Bearded Lady

It’s not every day you get to run wildly around the streets of Newcastle dressed up as a bearded lady next to your CEO holding onto his top hat and ring leader’s coat. This is followed by your Graphic Designer kitted out head to toe in clown gear and a lion Receptionist with whiskers, ears and all. Oh, and did I mention the Strong Man, Mime Artist and Fortune Teller running ahead enthusiastically telling everyone to hurry up?

Imagine us then frantically squishing ourselves together for multiple group selfies and racing a group of human sized Coronas all in the name of a few scavenger hunt points. Frantically searching for a ping pong table (might I mention, we did not find) and playing duck, duck, goose! in the middle of a parking lot. Who would have known, we all would be so… competitive? Not to mention still be technically clocked on at work. I couldn’t help thinking… wow, I’m getting paid for this!

This year SiDCOR decided to celebrate Melbourne Cup Day a little differently. We ditched the suit and threw away the fascinators, split up into six teams and decided fancy dress would be a much better attire. Each team decided on their own theme with a prize for best dressed in their sights. There were jockeys, circus performers, pink ladies, giant coronas, army cadets, a deathly Halloween squad and Santa and his helpers.

The day wasn’t just a full of running around like headless chooks. All the teams sat down to enjoy a BBQ (the biggest I have personally ever seen), a nice refreshing bar tab and a place in the air conditioning to watch the races. The day was finished off with some very appropriately themed Melbourne Cup trivia.

The day was loads of fun and a really good laugh – but it was also so much more. It was a great opportunity for team bonding and trust building. Events like these serve to break barriers between employees and higher management, allowing better opportunities for open communication. It inevitably breaks down the personal and political barriers that can be found within an office and ultimately improves professional relationships internally. After all, no matter how hard you try, watching your co-worker from the other floor, who you’ve never really spoken to, hysterically trying to catch a ball in a bucket across the field unescapably adds a touch of human and a small connection to that person that you’ve never really experienced before.

The SiDCOR Melbourne cup day event was a fun experience that empowered individuals to strive for common attainable goals, build trust and have a little bit of fun. In the end, events like these, can lead to better productivity, motivation and serve as a well-earned reward and rest from the stress a work place can sometimes bring.

I have to say, it is probably the most memorable Melbourne Cup Day I have ever had. A big thank you to our BOFA team for going above and beyond whilst organising this fantastic event. A special mention to Shoshannah Hasse, Christopher Gray, Allyce Flanagan, Todd Henderson and Alex Vojdanoski. You guys smashed it!

“Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”