Life Changing Four Days at Unleash the Power Within

Life Changing Four Days at Unleash the Power Within

Unleash the Power is a fully immersive four-day seminar with Tony Robbins; businessman, author, philanthropist, who is known for his powerful self-help seminars. UPW is designed for people who are hungry for something more, ready to break down the barriers and get past your comfort zone, and push past your self-limitations.

SiDCOR’s Managing Director, Paul Siderovski is very passionate about the Robbins approach and the impact of his teachings on one’s life from a personal and professional perspective. Each year he offers his staff an opportunity to attend UPW. Eight people from the SiDCOR team ventured down to this year’s event at Olympic Park.

“We arrived early Thursday morning for registration not realising what exactly was in store for us. The four days went by like a whirlwind with 12+ hour days of dancing, learning and quite literally jumping out of our comfort zones. The first night culminated in nearly 5,000 people walked on hot coals (with no burnt feet!). Over the seminar we learnt how to condition ourselves to actively live a holistic, healthy and successful life. To describe this event as truly deep and thought provoking would be an understatement. The life changes that we have made since returning have had a profound and positive impact on both our professional and personal lives”.