If There’s a Whisk, There’s a Way

If There’s a Whisk, There’s a Way

Recently the SiDCOR office got together for the ultimate team bonding battle. A battle that involves, wit, nimbleness, endurance and maybe… a little spice. The Inaugural SiDCOR Master Chef Challenge was cooked up by the social team, as a great way to get all staff together, away from their desks, and have a little fun while we were at it! Everyone arrived at the office and carpooled down to the Marina Views on the harbour in Wickham.

After you spend a little time here you’ll soon realise that any event with the smallest chance of winning a prize or title can get a little… competitive. It was on. The office was split up into six teams, that were candidly named after spices; The Jalapenos, Peppercorns, Paprikas, Cumins, Oreganos and Cinnamons were all armed with tongs and prepping utensils, BBQs fired up and ready to cook and present a culinary storm.

Every team was given a table full of spices, vegetables, proteins, a working space and a BBQ. After being briefed on the rules, teams got organised; sorting who would do what and envisioning their winning menus. There were fine dining napkins, chopped vegetables and Mexican spice flying left right and centre with the BBQ’s blazing out on the veranda; each team member looking busy with their head down working against the clock.

In the end, there could only be one winner. Saying it was a close call between The Cumins and The Cinnamons would be an understatement. The judge, the Marina Views Head Chef, claimed that the best tofu dish he had ever tried and a 10/10 steak cooked to perfection was something he couldn’t resist. It was a controversial decision but The Cumins scraped through and took the SiDCOR Master Chef title. Special mention to Sammy Miles for winning ‘The Master Chef Legend’ medal and Todd Henderson for his BBQ skills and creative use of swear words which awarded him The BBQ Master Wooden Spoon.  At the end of the day we were all winners; after all, who else would be more suited to finish off the deliciously prepared meals than the teams themselves.

Go team SiDCOR!