Choccy Milk Pong

Choccy Milk Pong

If you’ve ever been inside the SiDCOR office around lunch time you’d know that the ping pong table is seldom empty.  The office competition was interrupted today for something a little different. Ever heard of Choccy Milk Pong? No? It’s a similar concept to the classic Beer Pong party game, but get rid of the beer and replace it with chocolate milk and you’ve got Choccy Milk Pong. Because hey, a little bit of fun and choccy milk never goes astray at lunch time.

Who would have known that Choccy Milk Pong would be such a spectator sport? There was laughter, cheering and a couple of celebrity throws. It definitely did mix up the typical lunch time office antics. If this has made you thirsty, there may or may not be 6 litres of left over choccy milk in the fridge, so if you’re around, don’t be afraid to ask for a cup!

Congrats to our winners Shoshannah Hasse and Stuart Flinn and thanks to Holly for organising such a fun lunch time event!