We guarantee that our clients will pay the least amount of tax legally possible.

How do we guarantee this? By the approach we take:

We make it our job to know everything about each client, their family, their business and investment structures. Everything. We ask a lot of questions…better questions, deeper question, until we really understand the full picture.

We then mud map the client’s family tree, business and investment structures so we know and can see the whole picture.

We then apply the law strategically based on that mud map.

It pains us to the point of suffering to see small to medium business owners over pay unnecessary tax due to wrong advice, wrong structure, wrong accountant and basic errors.

What do we offer all prospective clients? A FREE TAX REVIEW.

For the past 14 years we have performed free tax reviews for new clients. This covers all tax returns and financial statements for the past two to four years. Nearly every client either overpaid tax or were incorrectly structured.

This is the most painful part: Some of these clients paid double the tax they should have.

And yes, if you are wondering if you can go back and get over paid tax from the ATO, the answer is YES. The ATO allows you to amend your tax returns for up to 2 years where your business turnover is $2m or less and up to 4 years if your business turnover is greater than $2m. The largest refund for a SiDCOR client of overpaid tax was $980,000.

The most common issue we find is the existing accountant has not necessarily taken into account the client’s personal and unique circumstances. Our team  have developed tax and business strategies for over 20 years that we use for our clients based on their unique individual structures AND circumstances.

At SiDCOR we cover all tax related services. After all, we are tax experts that happen to also be proactive accountants.

Tax Compliance

Financial statements and tax return preparation (etc)

Company secretarial

Fringe Benefits Tax

Land Tax


Payroll Tax

Business Activity Statements

Workers Compensation

Tax Compliance Review

Audit Insurance Compliance

Tax Advisory

Tax Planning

Strategic Tax Advice

Tax Effective Strategies

Salary Packaging

Business Set Up Depreciation Reports

International Tax

Tax Consolidations


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