Our Key Services

Our mission is very clear, to change people's lives and help them grow into their potential. Everything that we do for our clients’ fall within one of seven categories; what we call the SUPER7.

We use our SUPER7 to deliver the services that each individual needs depending on where they are in their business life, personal life and journey to creating wealth. 

Our focus in on Tax, Protection, Cash Flow, Profits, Growth, Wealth and creating sound Exit strategies for retirement. We do more than just crunch the numbers. We take a holistic view of both your business and your life. Balance in these areas provides freedom to live your life how you want, to live to your highest potential.


We guarantee that our clients will pay the least amount of tax legally possible. How do we guarantee this? By the approach we take. We make it our job to know everything about each client, their family, their business and investment structures. EVERYTHING.

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Not only do we ensure you are structured correctly for tax, but we make sure that your business and personal assets are protected. Why build wealth and a great business only to lose it due to not being structured correctly! Protection at SiDCOR falls under 4 categories.

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Cash Flow

Without cash flow there is no business. Get this one wrong in your business and it causes a lot of pain and suffering. Cash flow is the life blood of ANY business. We work closely with our clients in managing and improving their cash flow.

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It is not about more revenue in your business but more profit to the bottom line. We work closely and strategically with clients to increase their profits. Acting like virtual CFO’s for our clients we provide services to clients virtually for 1/10th of the cost of a CFO.

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Do you have a business? Are you an operator or a real business owner? What is the difference and how is it relevant to GROWTH? You can determine where you sit through something we call the BUS test.

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Did you know 95% of investors lose money from investing? At SiDCOR, we help clients with the most important investment decision, Asset Allocation. We allocate wealth into four buckets.

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One thing many business owners don’t do well is plan for an exit. All business owners need to have an exit plan. Is the plan to build a real business that is sustainable and not reliant on any one person? Or will you sell it at some point and when? 

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