Peter Bull

Rovert Lighting

I had been with the same accountant for more than 20 years when I was referred by a friend to SiDCOR.

I had been thinking about changing accountants for years. I also thought I was paying too much tax. But I never did anything about it. It just seemed too hard because my existing accountant already knew our structure and history.

I finally decided to give it a go and was surprised how simple it actually was. Within a week of meeting with SiDCOR, I made the move. In no time, SiDCOR had mud mapped our structure.

If you think changing accountants is hard, you couldn’t be more wrong. Making the move to SiDCOR is easy and it changed my life. Paul’s contribution to Rovert and myself has had a huge impact on business and company morale. His insight is phenomenal. The SiDCOR team are a very focused, professional and caring group of people. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with SiDCOR.

Peter Bull, Rovert Lighting

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