Murray & Denise McKeough


After trying several major accountancy firms over a period of 17 years, and constant searching for one which doesn't just concentrate on tax returns, our financial advisor introduced us to Paul Siderovski. 

It's not a small statement to say that Paul has changed our lives. His passion, excitement and energy is boundless, and his skill and knowledge of his industry is exceptional. Paul's analysis of our current and previous taxation situation and his general financial advice has been of great benefit to us since we joined the SiDCOR team.

Paul has not only added a new dimension to our business, he has also become a close friend and mentor. We consider Paul to be part of our family and his staff are an extension of our staff. Communication is a vital part of SiDCOR and Paul is always contactable.

Paul would be one of the most intelligent, energised, and understanding person one could meet. He is also a family man through and through and provides exceptional benefits and facilities for his staff.

I could not recommend Paul Siderovski and the SiDCOR staff highly enough. We have since recommended clients to SiDCOR who are equally delighted.

Murray & Denise McKeough, McDonald's

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