One thing many business owners don’t do well is plan for an exit. All business owners need to have an exit plan.

Is the plan to build a real business that is sustainable and not reliant on any one person? One that you will keep for ever? Or will you sell it at some point and when?

Consider your business and where it is in the business cycle.

We work closely with clients to help them realise the true value of their business when they are ready to sell and facilitate the negotiations for them.

Why you need to plan your EXIT Strategy now?

Once you have a strategy in place you can build a business that is focused, strategic and efficiently operated. When you grow a profitable business that you really love -- the chances are high that someone else will love it too! You will naturally think bigger, grow bigger, put in more effort and enjoy the process.

This means that your business becomes both highly salable and marketable.

Services at SiDCOR under EXIT:

Estate planning

Business succession planning

Retirement planning

Information Memorandums

Sale of Business

“Use the end game as your compass”


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