Cash flow

Without cash flow there is no business. Get this one wrong in your business and it causes a lot of pain and suffering.

“When there is no cash in the bank - business owners are stressed and making different decisions. We help our clients unlock their cash flow by helping them to plan better. This will lead to a better life, a happier life. One where they can grow into their true potential.” - Paul

We work closely with our clients in managing and improving their cash flow.

Every business should be asking ‘where did the cash go’?

The first question every client asks after we tell them how much profit they made is ‘Where did it go?” So we created a one-page template that shows them exactly where every penny went in their business. We call this template “Where Did the Cash Go?” It is a very powerful tool we use to advise clients on their business, their spending habits and strategy to improve cashflow.

Cash Flow Planning and Cash Flow Forecasting

If you don’t know what cash is going to look like over the next 1, 2 3, or 6 months then how can you run your business or make informed decisions about your business? You are flying blind.

The cash flow forecasting tools we use are a game changer for our clients as it is future focused, not just focused on the past and what happened after the event. Being proactive gives you an opportunity for real time planning.

Services at SiDCOR under CASH FLOW:

Budgeting and Forecasting

Cash Flow Reporting

Debtors Policy Reviews

EMDG and Other Government Grants

Virtual CFO Services at SiDCOR under CASH FLOW (Basic):


Management Reporting

Analysis and Consultation

Virtual CFO Services at SiDCOR under CASH FLOW (Advanced):

Cost Structures



We collaborate with the best referral partners to improve your cash flow including:

Proposals for Finance

Loan Structuring Advice

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Turning profit into cash flow is crucial.


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