What Are You Afraid of?

What Are You Afraid of?

Did you know that we all have two fears? Not me I hear you say. Well, we do – and they are intrinsically linked. First is the fear that we are not enough. This leads to the second fear that if we are not good enough we will not be loved.

How does this play out and show up in your life now? I see this show up every day in many of the people who lead our client’s businesses’. I was coaching a client today that needed some assistance with ISSUES they had.

I listened and listened and heard the fear and was able to give them awareness around this fear to help them make a shift.

Think about something you want to do or something you need to do but you haven’t done it. Why not? You can always find a reason why not to do it and/or why the timing is not right! B#$%&&%T!!!!

You don’t do it as you don’t want to fail! We stop progressing and stop achieving because of this fear of not being enough! What if you held the space that everything that is happening to you including the good, the bad and the ugly, is happening FOR you and not TO you…would you step up and push through the fear?

I do and continue to do so. Think of three things right now you are afraid to actually start or complete, or to take on or make a decision on. You know what to do!