VIDEO: Once You Know Your ‘Why’ in Business – You Can Talk About Your ‘What’

Once You Know Your ‘Why’ in Business – You can talk about the ‘What’

So far we have shown you videos on the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’ of business. And now finally we can get to the ‘What’.


You have refined your core purpose and developed a commercial vision – in essence you know ‘why’ you have your business and what you want to achieve. Next you’ve articulated ‘How’ you were going to do this by establishing a core set of values and getting very clear on the services/products and the commitment that would help your clients grow.

Now, within the context of your ‘Why’ you can define ‘What’ your business does and what outcomes you expect your clients to achieve.

At SiDCOR this includes proactive advice, assistance and recommendations in the following keys areas of our clients’ business and life:

  1. Growing your business
  2. Increasing the profitability of your business
  3. Improving the cash flow in your business
  4. Ensuring personal & business assets are properly protected
  5. Creating wealth and asset allocation
  6. Succession or sale of your business & retirement planning
  7. Being financially organised


  • Pay the least amount of tax possible
  • Maximise profits in their business
  • Give them a strategic advantage in business
  • Help them move from an operator to a business owner
  • Business and personal assets protected
  • Understand wealth creation and power of asset allocation

Most people know ‘What’ it is they do. But often they don’t feel connected to their business or see it as a daily grind. Once you look at your ‘What’ in the context of your ‘Why’ things will shift quickly.

Find your ‘why’ here. Watch this video.