VIDEO: Grow Your Business Into its True Potential

Grow Your Business Into its True Potential

In your business what does growth mean to you? How can you help others along the way grow into their potential?

Most businesses start with goals and actions to make them successful. Then they bring their people along the journey with them to achieve that success. Wouldn’t it be better to have your staff, the people in your business, actually drive the journey?

Scott Douglas, the CEO of SiDCOR, talks in this video about the importance of incorporating personal development into workplace training and allowing people to adopt a culture of responsibility; one that allows them to grow, to show up authentically and become true leaders (not only in business but in all aspects of their life).

He shares his philosophy that growing is not about accumulating more, but applying the lessons we learnt yesterday, to allow us to keep growing into all we can be tomorrow. It takes investment in self, and when we share our learnings with others in the business, it has a powerful effect on the growth of both the team and the business itself.

Watch the video here.