Think like an Owner, Not an Operator

Think like an Owner, Not an Operator

When making decisions in your business are they often based on things you need?

I need to get this; I need to put this system in place?

This is typical language of a business operator. In the past, I’ve used this very language. At times, I still use it today, BUT I catch myself quickly with the knowing that it’s not actually about my time or resources, but my resourcefulness. Think like an owner and substitute “I” with who can do it for you: x, y or z. Then take it further and ask yourself what new voices do I need around me, what leverage can I get with this project, and who has done this before that I can model myself on?

I remember sharing a private plane ride with Tony Robbins where we were negotiating a deal. He said to me “you’re thinking like an operator, think like an owner”. It was then that it hit me: I don’t need to do everything that needs to be done.

It set me on my growth trajectory.

We all have recourses and people to get the job done. We like to control and drive so many things due to our need for certainty, but there are better ways… think like an owner.

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