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Without cashflow there is no business. Get this one wrong in your business and it causes a lot of pain and suffering. Cashflow is the life blood of any business.

We work closely with our clients in managing and improving their cashflow.

So, where did the cash go?

The first question every client asks after we tell them how much profit they made is ‘Where did it go?”. So we created a one-page template that shows them exactly where every penny went in their business. We call this template “Where did the cash go?” It is a very powerful tool we use to advise clients on their business, their spending habits and strategy to improve cashflow.

If you don’t know what your cash is going to look like over the next 1, 2, 3, or 6 months then how can you run your business or make informed decisions about your business?

The cash flow forecasting tools we use is a game changer for our clients as it is future focused, not just focused on the past and what happened after the event. It is real time planning.

Watch the video here.

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