How Will You Define Your Success in 2017?

How Will You Define Your Success in 2017?

The end of any year provides an opportunity to reflect on what we accomplished, however to have a true sense of success, you need to know what you were trying to achieve in the first place.

What then is the overarching goal for your business for 2017? You may have a list of things you would like to do, however I am after the one key thing, your rallying cry that will provide a context for everyone in your business to align activity around, and feel a sense of group achievement once it is done.

The key to that achievement is focus. We’ve all heard you manage what you measure, so ensure your goal is qualitative, and set up a scoreboard for that one number that aligns to your goal and will show how you are tracking throughout the year.

For instance, this year your key focus may be increasing the number of clients in your business. Great, how many do you want to gain? Get specific and then focus on all the things you need to do in each area of the business to reach the target you’ve set. What’s needed operationally, in marketing, staff training and finance that will make it possible for you to gain the new clients you are after.

You will still have your to day to day objectives, however you will have those every year. Remember, if everything is important, nothing is, and you will get lost in the activity of the year unless you are focused on the things that matter most.

The success of 2017 starts now. Where focus goes, energy flows, and by making the choice on what your key goal is and measuring it along the way, you will align your activity to what’s important for the year ahead, and guarantee your success at the end.

This article was featured in the February issue of The Hunter Business Review Magazine