A Quick Checklist For Business Owners This Holiday Season

A Quick Checklist For Business Owners This Holiday Season

We’re all grappling with the fact it’s December already, so getting affairs in order over the busy festive period can seem overwhelming. We’ve put together a quick checklist you can use for your business so you can enjoy more time with your family.

1.    Send a thank you to your clients/customers

It’s meant to be the most wonderful time of the year, so make it that way for your clients or customers. Sending a personalised note or gift will make them feel special and keep your business in the back of their mind come 2019.  There’s also the virtual avenue to consider. Sending personalised EDMs is a great option to reach a lot of people quickly.

2.    Test new systems

Depending on what service or product you offer, business may be slow over the Christmas break. There’s no better time to test out new technology or systems with minimal disruption than now. For example, if you’re looking into changing your appointments system to an online option or updating payment options, the holiday break is the time to do it!

3.    Train your staff if you want a real holiday

If you’re planning some quality time with your family or want to switch off over the holidays (and we mean really switch off), assign the right person to take over. Many business owners feel like they can never truly have a break from work, but if you train someone properly, and have the right procedures in place, you will be able to have a break without interruption. Have a test period where they take over and see what questions arise and then make a booklet with the answers, so they don’t bother you on your time off.

4.    Communicate your opening hours clearly

If you’re a business that also shuts down over the break, you need to communicate this clearly to customers/clients. Whether it’s via social media, a newsletter, email or other forms of communication to detail closures, opening hours, shipping delays, etc., ensure the specifics are clear. Set expectations to assure you don’t come back to angry or disappointed customers/clients.

5.    Schedule social in advance

Social media is a great tool for advertising, but it can require 24/7 monitoring. Use tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite or other scheduling services to ensure all posts on your social media platforms are scheduled so you can get your wrapping done in peace. You can even look into a virtual assistant or chatbot to manage your networks to keep engagement levels up and answer enquiries.