10 Lessons for Meaningful and Sustained Success

10 Lessons for Meaningful and Sustained Success

I’ve just finished a great book, the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone and wanted to share my key learnings. The 10X rule is about what level of actions coupled with the magnitude of goals are required for meaningful and sustained success.

Here’s my top 10 takeaways:

  1. Most people don’t set big enough goals. If your goals aren’t WOW then it’s very hard to do all that is required and find a way around the inevitable obstacles
  2.  People who have enjoyed more success than you will never criticise the effort you invest in becoming more successful.
  3. Success is like a breath of air. Just like your last breath is important, it’s not as important as your next; the same is true of success. No matter how big a success you had yesterday what’s more important is how you are growing today.
  4. There is enough success for everyone. The success of people in your proximity doesn’t reduce the chances of you being successful, in fact it increases your chances if you are paying attention.
  5. Fear’s favourite food is time. Starve fear of time and see what happens.
  6. The same attributes people criticise you for will be the same attributes they praise you for if you persevere through the criticism.
  7. Excuses are not reasons, so don’t use them like they are.
  8. People who set bigger goals and fail still generally out perform people who set smaller goals. E.g. If Bob is trying to earn $1m next year and Fred is trying to earn $100k, who do you think will earn more? Even if Fred smashes his target, my money is on Bob!
  9. The harder you work, the luckier you get. You can’t predict which call, meeting, email or chance encounter will deliver your lucky break. The more persistent and consistent your actions, the better the odds.
  10. The target is never the problem. When we aren’t on track to hit a goal, the general reaction is to lower the bar. If you want a 10X results, don’t dare touch that bar! Increase your actions with laser like focus and commitment.