Why, How, What

Grow into your Potential

We help small to medium business owners grow into their potential using a three-pronged process: our SUPER7, our VALUES, and our OFFERING. Our mission is to ultimately change people’s lives by achieving real, sustainable and tangible outcomes.

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Our Super 7

Future Proof Your Life

We use the SUPER7 to deliver the services each client needs dependent on where they are in their business life, personal life and journey to create wealth. Our focus is on tax, protection, cashflow, growth, profits, wealth creation and exit strategies.

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Work at SiDCOR

Start with WHY. Simon Sinek said it, but we live it, where knowing and aligning to your WHY is something we actively support all our staff to do. Your work needs meaning, and here at SiDCOR chartered accountants we change people’s lives every day – whether they are our clients or our staff.

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Play at SiDCOR

SiDCOR is more than a business - it is a family. And families don't just work together, they play together too. We get together regularly for dinner or drinks, games or sports at lunchtime, and always celebrate important occasions.

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