Sandra Lindsay

Muso’s Corner

I changed. It was the best decision I ever made.

A friend suggested I talk to Paul Siderovski at SiDCOR regarding my Business. The decision to change accountants was not taken lightly. Loyalty to my existing accountant, the longevity of our working relationship was certainly a concern but ultimately I made the move and I have never looked back.

My business was growing and expanding at such a rate that I realised I needed a proactive company who would provide direction, guidance and the confidence necessary to take the business to the next level. I found that with SiDCOR.

What I appreciate about the team at SiDCOR is that they are always available if you need them. That also applies to top management, who are never too busy to listen and advise.

I happily recommend SiDCOR to colleagues in my Industry who are seeking to improve and grow their business. The professional advice and insightful guidance I have received has been of immense value.

Sandra Lindsay, Muso’s Corner

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