Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at SiDCOR encompasses our passion for our clients, our staff and our business. We love our clients and will do whatever it takes to help them. Nothing is a problem. We treat every client like they are the only client of SiDCOR and look after their business, money and affairs as if they are our own.







We want our clients to enjoy the journey with us.

We want our clients to enjoy the journey with us. We will listen and take the time to understand their business and we will commit to living and behaving in accordance with our values.

Not only will our clients pay the least amount of tax possible, they will feel that their business and assets are protected, they will understand their numbers and be provided with a trusted sounding board, mentor and confidant for their business and wealth creation.

Our philosophy at SiDCOR for our staff is they are more important than our clients. They come first and we love them. We believe the more we love our staff the more they will love and care for our clients.

If we need to make a decision that impacts our business, clients and staff we simply ask three questions:

Is this good for SiDCOR?
Is this good for the staff?
Is this good for the client?

If we do not have 3 YES’s then we don’t do it.


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