The Secret of True Wealth

Part Six: The Secret of True Wealth

Well, you finally made it to Part Six of the Money Series; this is the part that I alluded to at the very beginning, the part that will change the whole game for you and unlock the secret to WEALTH.

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Before we dive straight in I have a few questions. What does money mean to you? What does it really mean to you? What about wealth? What about being rich? What do each of these mean to you? There should be different answers and different feelings associated with each one.

To me money is a tool, it is leverage to be able to live and have life experiences. It does not drive me or consume me. Nor is it the be all and end all for me. It is simply a tool.

Don’t get me wrong, having excess wealth is a good thing, a great thing, as it allows you to have PORTABLE money. So, what is portable money? Money that you can access to do good with. Whether it is to help a charitable cause, helping family, giving to employees or the less fortunate...having portable money is beneficial.

So what is the secret of true wealth?

You have heard that money cannot buy happiness.

And I also hear you say….bullshit. There have been a heap of studies that have proven that money can make us happier. What it refers to effectively is the way in which people spend their money. The different ways and things you spend your money on will effect your happiness significantly. The three most important are:

  1. Spending on life experiences (something I preach and is close to my heart) – such as travel, adrenalin adventures, self development courses etc as opposed to acquiring more possessions AND
  2. Buying time for yourself – whenever we can delegate our most dreaded tasks (from scrubbing toilets to cleaning gutters) money can transform the way we spend our time, freeing us to pursue our true passions

The third one is the game changer…

  1. Spending our money on OTHERS – that’s right. GIVING our money away actually makes us really happy

The more you give to others, the happier you are. And the more you have, the more you’re able to give. Giving and having makes you both happier and healthier. The happiness that we feel when we help others is not only more intense but lasts longer.

Tony Robbins states, “I read of a beautiful experiment in which employees of a certain company were given bonuses in the $3k range. Some people got the bonuses to spend on themselves. And some were instructed to give the money away. Guess who was happier?...When you give away money, especially if you do something for a stranger versus if you do something for someone you love, the level of multiplied happiness is geometric. Its equivalent of doubling or tripling your salary”.

I wrote this six part Money Series with a specific outcome in mind; to leave you with this:

Giving is truly healing.

Giving is also more than just giving away some your money - as that is easy. It’s also about giving your time, emotions, presence to your kids, to your family, to your husband or your wife, to your friends, and to your work colleagues.

So, what is the final secret to wealth? GIVING is any form builds wealth faster than getting ever will.


Having a scarcity mentality of money is what will prevent you from being wealthy. If you don’t give away money when you have $10, then you won’t give it away when you have $1m.

I have been here in this space, when I have had the dark moments, but continued to give as my relationship with money was one of abundance. I did not put a lot of value or weight to the concept of ‘lack’ as I knew I would keep making it.

Robbins talk about the moment he realised the secret to wealth:

That was the moment I become a wealthy man. Even when I did not have it. Something inside of me finally got past the feeling of scarcity…. I realized I was so busy trying to get that I had forgot to give. But now I had recovered myself; I had recovered my soul.

To conclude the money series I leave you with this

The final secret to living is giving. Sit with it and try to absorb the real message.

Go hard. Work hard. And make lots of money so you can give more away. Don’t give with strings attached. Get out of your head and stop thinking why would I do that and what am I getting in return. Life is always happening for you not to you. Appreciate that gift that you are wealthy now and forever. This is an abundance mentality vs a scarcity mentality.

I leave you with my mentor Tony Robbin’s philosophy of living his life:

"Live life fully while you’re here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, be weird. Go out and make mistakes. Do it faster. You’re going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Find the cause of the problem and eliminate it. Don’t try to be perfect…there is no such thing."

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