Red, Blue, Black: The Simple Tool for Laser-like Focus

Red, Blue, Black: The Simple Tool for Laser-like Focus

In today’s world of constant connectivity and technology that has exponentially increased our ability to take on more & more than ever before, I find that people’s attention (myself included) is being pulled in more directions than our focus can handle at times. Sometimes it feels like we are just putting out fires rather than getting ahead.

This is why I just had to share with you a concept of chunking down & prioritising your role into 3 areas – Red, Blue and Black. This tool, beautiful in it’s simplicity, has been a game changer for narrowing my focus on what is my best & highest use here in my role at SiDCOR.

This concept is used throughout our business to great effect, and one we discuss with clients when they need clarity around their best & highest use.

So what is it?

It’s a simple framework that categorises all the tasks or to-do list items in your business role into three buckets.

Red: Non revenue generating tasks – although important & has to be done (includes Administrative tasks, HR, IT)

Blue: Makes money today (revenue generating activities, servicing clients, fulfilling orders)

Black: Future growth activities – will bring in future revenue (includes new product development, business development, mergers & acquisitions)

How to use it?

In my experience the best way to use this framework is to do some serious planning for your role in their business. Then decide what is your best & highest use and identify your strengths. Write down 3 or 4 activity types in each colour where you should spend your time.

Once you’ve done this, type it up, laminate it and put the list on your desk. Next time when your mind wanders and you start doing tasks that aren’t the best use of your time or skills, you’ll recognise it. Then you can delegate and get back to what you love and should be doing.

I believe you get what you focus on, so you may as well focus on what you are best at and what’s most important to you and your business.

Framework taken from AltusQ Coaching

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