Midlife Crisis and Business

Midlife Crisis and Business 

How often do you hear about someone who is going through a midlife crisis? Family, friend, your partner, or even you? Is it real? Is it something made up? And what then does it have to do with your business and its profitability?

They are 100 per cent correlated. Let me explain how by considering the first issue of the ‘midlife crisis’. Is it true or some fictitious story we tell ourselves to excuse our behaviour? If you feel you are going through a midlife crisis, then it is true for you. Whether a story or not, it is your reality. The real question becomes: how are you showing up? 

In other words, how are you dealing with the crisis that you’ve convinced yourself you are having? And what effect does it have on your business? How do many people deal with a midlife crisis? New toys such as cars, handbags, shoes, house, holiday, new partner etc. We aren’t talking about your $500 handbags or your run-of-the-mill cars either. The more expensive the better. Like recently when my wife tried to convince me that a Birkin handbag, worth $100k, could be a great investment (but that’s another article). So now what? You have an itch (midlife crisis) you scratch it with new material things, travel or a new partner. 

What is the effect on your business? 

Well, if you know anything about my philosophy, your business is your biggest asset and start playing with this and the house of cards will come tumbling down. Your business provides the cash flow, purpose, stress and headaches that actually fund everything you do in your personal life. Hence the direct correlation of the midlife crisis and business. Start focusing on the midlife crisis and scratching those itches – rather than understanding the effect on your business, its cash flow and the domino effect when you tamper with it – could mean that the midlife crisis becomes a real crisis.

Also, who determines what is midlife? Oh, that’s right. The same people who said if we live an average of 80 years we should experience midlife around 40 years of age. Therefore, we can attribute and give meaning to any pain, suffering or issue in our life at that time as a midlife crisis.

What I have done for my business is to get super, super clear on the vision for the next decade. I am busy setting up and implementing a plan of how my life will look for the next 10 years. Feel the niggles of a midlife crisis coming up? Then get busy on planning the commercial vision of your business and personal goals for the next decade. Remember that the average age we will live to will start to increase due to technology and advances in medicine. I want to live until I am 120. Hence all my business and life planning are based on this. 

Yes, I may sound crazy but if you are around when I am 120 (in approximately 80 years’ time) then I’ll share my journey with you over a nice cold beer or a glass of red.

This article was featured in The Newcastle Herald.

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