How can a business coach take your business to the next level?

How Can a Business Coach Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Think about any athlete that has performed at an expert level. They all have something in common…a coach. A coach can see the 2mm difference that they don’t see, keep them accountable, and enable them to focus on what they need to do to achieve their goals. It is the same for business coaching.

There are two points that every coach must know about your business. That is content vs. context and your business’ commercial vision.

Understand Context VS Content

Content: The words, ideas or object
Context: The environment

In the video, Paul talks about the meaning of the colour red. To the individual, ‘red’ can symbolise anything from fast, to lipstick, to energy but when you add a context, for example 'traffic lights’, it can totally change the meaning. Red in the context of traffic lights means stop—not fast, not lipstick, not energy. That is the power of contextual business coaching, it is strategic informative; and it is even more powerful when it is aligned with your business’ commercial vison.

Know Your Commercial Vision

A business coach needs to understand your business’ commercial vision. They need to understand: what your business is trying to achieve and why; what your personal why is, and what you are trying to achieve. A laser-like focus on your business’ ideal outcomes will allow you to transition from business operator to owner, and enable you to achieve your goals with efficiency.

If you would like to give your business an edge in 2018 with a business coach, please contact SiDCOR on 1300 743 267 or contact us here.

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