Heidi Pollard

UQ Power

I've always been a firm believer that business is 100 per cent a people game so when it came to finding the right accountant I asked friends and colleagues for their recommendation.

Paul Siderovski was the name that kept coming up so I called and met with Paul. Within the first 10 minutes of meeting Paul I knew why he had such a great reputation. Paul has amazing energy, enthusiasm and presence that coupled with intelligence, business savvy and know how means you are quickly confident that you are in the right hands.  

As a property investor and business owner with transactions both locally and internationally it was important to me that my accountants understood my big vision, why I do what I do and how to make it work in the most effective, efficient and leveraged way possible. What I love about Paul and his team at SiDCOR is that they not only get it, they also proactively seek to understand, advise and guide my decisions. From being able to make a call to the office while I am standing at a property auction to simple email queries, the SiDCOR team are always happy to help out.

If you're looking for a smart, switched on accounting service with more than just a smile – call SiDCOR.

Heidi Pollard, UQ Power

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