Peter Morrissey

Fashion Designer, Morrisey

I can honestly say that without Paul Siderovski and the team at SiDCOR I would not be the man I am today, or have the successful brand and future I have today. 

I am truly grateful to be working with such a man as Paul - someone I have the highest respect and admiration for. 

He is not only successful in business, but a true gentleman, and that is extremely rare. Paul is a passionate motivator and keen strategist who helped minimise my tax and better structure my affairs while improving cash flow. 

Needless to say, SiDCOR are not your normal accountants - they are innovative, trusted and experienced - just like my brand. Paul and his team have had an extremely positive effect on my business and I do not hesitate in recommending them to anyone considering their services. 

I actually really suggest you look nowhere else. It is an important investment in yourself and your practice that you just can't afford to miss. And it's not just financial support it’s constant support. 

SiDCOR challenge you to grow and change to provide the best goods and services in the best way for both your customers and your business. They become your friends and help keep you focused, always striving to be better - and you need people like that in your life that believe in you, support you, advise you, challenge you - but most of all care about you. 

My mantra for Peter Morrissey is ‘To Fashion People’s Lives’ - a dream that Paul and his team at SiDCOR made into reality for me and my brand.

Peter Morrissey, Fashion Designer, Morrisey

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